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Cleaning Time

Frequently Asked Questions

helpful tips to review before your first cleaning

What can I can do to prepare for my cleaning visit?

General Cleaning:

We do encourage you to have all the dishes out of the kitchen sink prior to us arriving so we can properly scrub and disinfect your sink. We require you to have a well-maintained vacuum out and visible for us before arriving at your home for your scheduled routine service. (Our company vacuums will be brought for all deep cleans/initial cleanings). If you currently do not have a fully functioning upright vacuum, please message us and we can give you some great recommendations!  We also ask to tidy as best you can so we have enough time to do the more detailed cleaning. We know life is busy so if there is extra tidying that you need you can always let us know ahead of time so we can add that as an extra onto your service! Heavily decorated or cluttered areas may be cleaned around if the cleaners cannot safely and efficiently lift and wipe under. Please also have a toilet brush next to each toilet we will be cleaning. We do not like to carry these from house to house!


Deep Cleaning:

We recommend clearing off any heavily decorated area/shelf that has items that cannot be easily removed or lifted and wiped.  This gives us the ability to fully clean the surface without risking damaging your items. Please put away any important documents, possessions, as well as inform us of any valuable/precious (heirlooms, easily breakable/delicate) belongings that we may come across beforehand. Breakage that occurs due to faulty hanging or loose/broken fixtures will not be covered under our insurance. Even though we are extra careful, accidents do happen. So please let us know ahead of time if there are any things in your home that are delicate or slightly loose/broken. Example: light fixture, blinds, large mirror, special items passed down from generation to generation, ect. Please have a toilet bowl brush next to each toilet. We do not carry these. We also recommend decluttering all countertops and removing any trash on end tables/dirty cups from bedrooms. Make sure kitchen sink and countertops are clear of any dishes! Please move out any heavy furniture about 1 foot from the walls if you would like the cleaners to clean behind them (beds, end tables, buffets, ect). Move out any smaller throw rugs from bathrooms, entryway and kitchen area. 

What is NOT covered under our services?

Upon committing to our cleaning and/or organizational services you will receive via email a detailed checklist of what exactly our services cover. Below is a list of services we do not offer at this time: 

  • Laundry or Dish Services

  • Enter Drawers or Closets in Kitchen, Bedrooms, or Bathrooms (unless instructed by a client or agreed upon prior to your scheduled service date)

  • Extensive Grout Cleaning in Showers/tubs/floors (we recommend a trained grout specialist/company) 

  • Climb Higher Than a Two-Step Ladder 

  • Clean TV Screens (dust only)

  • Opening Windows (we clean inside window GLASS only)

  • Move Furniture/Antique or Delicate Decor (homeowner must move prior to our visit if desired)

  • Move Appliances

  • Move Around/Clean Under Excessive Decor

  • Remove/Clean any pet waste, any other type of animal waste, or pet/bug infestation. 

  • Hand wipe Tall/Elaborate Chandeliers

  • Hand wipe This Plastic or Metal Mini Blinds

  • Clean Unfinished Basements 

  • Wash Walls (we have a great, experienced local company we partner with for this service) We will dust them. 

  • Washing floors by hand (we use a flat mop system) 

  • Clean Up Any Pet/Rodent Waste (a paper towel will be placed on top if any accidents!) 

Why doesn't it "smell" clean after my cleaning visit?

Many household over-the-counter cleaners are loaded with chemicals and fake fragrances that can leave your house "smelling good". Truth is, using more natural products are just as effective and even safer to use in your home. Each product we use has both you and our employees' safety as well as the environment in mind! If you desire a more fragrant cleaning please let the office know and we can come up with a safe alternative!

Do I need to start with a deep cleaning?

Chances are if you are even questioning it, the answer is yes! It is most ideal to start with a deep cleaning to get your home ready for routine maintenance. Soap scum built up on the shower door or dark spots on the bottom of the tub? Dust collecting on light fixtures, fan blades, and on window sills? Backslash in the kitchen full of splattered pasta sauce or grease from years of cooking? We need extra time to deep scrub all of the surfaces in your home, a regular maintenance cleaning just won't do the trick.

How do I pay for my visit?

We collect your payment information during the booking process to allow for hassle free payment! We require all new clients to put a credit or debit card on file to book with us. We will not charge you until the day of your scheduled cleaning.

credit cards accepted.png

 Tipping your cleaning staff

A tip is never expected but always appreciated! Our trained professional cleaning technicians work very hard to care for your home or space. In the service industry tipping etiquette is 15-20%. An automatic text message will be sent out to each client to give them the opportunity to bless their cleaning technician/s for that day of service. If you wish to be removed from this tipping program, just simply op out of it when you receive your first message! You may also leave cash if desired.

Do I need to be home during my cleaning?

Most of our clients are busy at work while we are busy sprucing up their home for them! So the answer is no, you do not have to be there. We ask you provide us with a way of entry whether that is a spare key, garage code, or entry door code. We always lock up behind us when leaving unless instructed otherwise by the client. If in the event the cleaners are not able to get in there may be a "lock out" fee charged for that visit.

Why doesn't your company move heavy furniture, beds, couches, stoves, or refrigerators to clean behind?

This is a great question! All Spruced Up Cleaning Co LLC is committed to the safety of our employees as well as complying with our current insurance policy. Moving larger and heavy furniture can not only put our employees at risk for injury, but there is also a great chance we can damage your floors/walls/electrical/gas lines while doing so. If these areas need cleaned we would LOVE to help. All we ask is that the homeowner provides us with a 24-48 hour notice if these areas need to be addressed and have them moved out prior to your scheduled appointment. Any other questions regarding this policy feel free to email us! We encourage clients to move out any large furniture peices about 1 foot away from the wall so we can get behind for initial and deep cleans.

What if I am not 100% satisfied with my service?

We want you to be happy! Simple as that :) If there was something that was not completed on our standardized checklists, please let us know right away! We offer a 24-48 hour window to contact the office in the event if you are not completely satisfied. We want to provide you with quality service and we value your feedback. We ask that you show grace to our workers (we are not ALWAYS perfect but we try our best!!) and kindly contact us to address any needs that were not met. We will happily offer a solution for you! For routine services- we appreciate feedback and would love to hear if there is ever something we need to work on. Open communication between the office, the client and our cleaners is key in maintaining an excellent client satisfaction level.   

What if I need to cancel/skip my cleaning?

Life happens, we get it! Service reliability is extremely important to us. We will turn down business to not disrupt your regularly scheduled cleaning. Our dedicated staff loves to work and in order to keep quality workers we must maintain a steady schedule for them! We require that you give us a minimum of 24-48 hours advance notice. Monday clients must call before noon on the previous Friday. If your visit is the first day of the week following a holiday, you must cancel/reschedule by noon of the last business day prior to your visit. Canceling on the weekend or a holiday will still be subject to the last minute cancellation fee for we are not in the office and or have adequate notice to fill the spot for our staff. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for ANY reason our business number, 330-397-2815, is available to you at all times.


Failure to provide a 24 business hour notice could result in a $55 late cancellation fee per cleaner for routine cleanings and up to 50% of the fee for one-time/deep cleaning/event/move in-out cleanings/organizational services. We understand that circumstances arise that require a cancellation, but if a client has excessive cancellations/reschedules, we reserve the right to cancel all future cleanings.


If you need to skip a cleaning for any reason (going out of town/vacation, family coming in, financial reasons, ect) a skip fee may be charged at your next visit. Skip fees are as follows: Monthly Clients $35, Biweekly $15, Weekly $10. These fees are to make up for extra time if needed by cleaning staff to catch up with the home. 

Do you have an unsafe working environment policy?

Absolutely! If we enter a home that has undisclosed information regarding unsafe working conditions we have the right to refuse service as well as charge a fee of 1/2 the service price. Our employees safety is extremely important to us! We do not specialize in biohazard cleaning or water damage/remediation services. If you have scheduled an appointment that you think may fall under this policy, please contact the office right away at 330-397-2815. We want to help direct you to an experiences company speciality trained in these areas that can help! 

Unsafe working conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Pet Waste (extensive) We know occasional accidents happen! 

  • Pest/Rodent waste

  • Insect infestation (roaches, bedbugs, fleas, ect)

  • Heavily soiled bathrooms (human waste/biohazard cleaning)

  • Human or Pet waste on walls/inside closets/ect.

  • Extreme hoarding situations

  • Needles 

  • Unsecured firearms

  • Drugs

  • Extensive amounts of broken glass

  • Non-friendly pets

  • No heat/electricity/running hot water

  • Derogatory conversations/unkind language towards our staff (bullying, swearing, sexual comments or actions, ect)

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